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If people rarely disagree with you, then you’re doing something wrong.

Think about it. When was the last time you had an argument with a friend? Have you ever been engrossed in conversations that would be considered “deep” or personal? Maybe you prefer to go with the flow, unconcerned about pitching your ideas, beliefs, or morals in fear of conflict that is unnecessary.

Every individual has their own, unique personality and a different way to go about sharing this kind of information. While it’s essential to keep the peace, it’s also valuable to be able to obtain knowledge and spread awareness in a respectful manner.

It’s challenging to be expressive since there will always be someone who is judgmental… but that’s life. However, many of the people that point their fingers can’t come up with their own solution, only to negatively dwell on the person that is putting themselves out there… so it’s just best to ignore them and focus on how to make a difference towards others. I’m not saying it’s appropriate to be shouting in the streets about all the problems in the world, but if an opportunity arises to stand up for what is right, take it and fly. Although, in most cases the perfect moment doesn't appear, so create the opportunity instead of just waiting around!

There’s no doubt the human mind needs space to relax and be in the present moment, but sometimes certain issues should be addressed instead of going with the crowd because no one, even (maybe especially) leadership, of this world is completely knowledgeable… and it’s our obligation to put our beliefs into practice.

But if the decision is made to stand for something significant, we should know why… So, do the research. It’s great to hear different perspectives from others, but it’s not reasonable to solely rely on what pops up on our Instagram feed. When we obtain more knowledge, we feel confident with our beliefs (and purposeful). And we start making sense of things — instead of being content with the mixture of ideas and the uncertainty of truth.

No one’s required to know everything — which is impossible, anyway. But gaining insight enables more in-depth conversations. Through experience, I’ve truly found that people ultimately respect their peers for having a viewpoint on a controversial topic — even if it’s different from theirs. They perceive expressiveness as a gesture that their opinions are cared for, and they are grateful for being included in something personal.

If you’re trying to make a difference of opinions in a group setting, don’t worry about changing their minds right then and there. It’s key to handle the situation straight-forwardly but with respect. Even if the one person you are acknowledging doesn’t agree, the people around will most definitely be impacted — even if they don’t speak or contribute with their input.

Further thought… this is why history is important to this day. Many people don’t understand the weight of it. But history allows us to grasp why certain things are in order, and it can assist us in resisting repeated mistakes from the past. Change is a prominent factor that can benefit our well-being, but we should understand for ourselves why the change is occurring and what the outcome, including consequences, could be.

My motivation for standing up for my beliefs has increased over the years as I gain further knowledge of what is right, and I’m more aware of my decision-making. In order to sustain my purpose in the world, I have been giving deep thought about my morals, researching controversial topics, and speaking with people I trust, in addition to people I disagree with to either help me interpret a different perspective or help me clarify my reasoning in the first place.

We all have the ability to contribute to this world, and now is the time to dig deep and find our voice!

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