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Knows Like No Other

The world loves noise. Just look around. There’s hardly anywhere that people aren’t talking to someone, typing on their phones, or listening to the white pieces in their ears. Personally, I’m always searching for external learning opportunities; listening to podcasts, new music, news, etc… anything that makes me feel productive.

Little did I know that all the noise was holding me back.

When people asked me about me I used to stumble. Last year, a girl that works with me asked when I am the happiest. I was, first of all, thrown off guard by the deep question since we weren’t that close-- but mostly because I really didn’t know how to answer her. Why could I not answer a question about someone I had lived with for nineteen years? Maybe because the only time to myself was a few hours of sleep at night. And the next day would be another full calendar of school, writing sessions, and workout routines.

Being productive is good, but productive doesn’t always mean checking off tasks.

It can mean the quiet moments, taking time to reflect and learn about yourself.

Have you ever listened to God? Oftentimes, we pray for everything we need or list everyone we want to pray for … And by the time we’re done with our brain dump, He’s ready to answer, but we move on to the next thing!

Learning about yourself means listening to God. He Knows You Like No Other.

"And even the very hairs on your head are all numbered." Luke 12:7

I challenge YOU to five minutes, every day this week, of quiet. For instance, turn your phone on airplane mode while driving to work. Take a walk outside and just breathe. Sit on your porch swing and watch the birds.

I had to basically train myself to embrace the awkwardness of just being. Here’s how. I focused on the five senses: what could I see, hear, feel, smell, and taste? That’s a great starting point. Ground yourself in the moment.

Take just five minutes a day with no distractions, and see how your life changes.

Peace & Love,


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